Real plagues for farmers and homeowners are most definitely termites!! Termites are xylophagous pests that must absolutely be got rid of. If treatments exist in the trade, it is nevertheless preferable to call in professionals, in order to obtain effective solutions and to exterminate them definitively. Specific legislation also specifically concerns termites with regard to new real estate.

That being said, here are the commonly asked questions about termite’s treatment.

How often do I have to do termite treatment?

The answer depends on the type of treatment you have put in place: either you have called in a professional and they will give you guarantees, or you have treated yourself and many factors will determine the effectiveness of the anti-treatment.

Can termites come back after treatment?

Yes, it is extremely difficult to get rid of termites. Fortunately, a qualified extermination company specializing in termite treatment like Turbo Termite- Termite Fumigation Service provides follow-ups to ensure that the treatment is working properly and that the termites do not come back. 

How long does it take for the treatment to work?

Here too it depends! If you have called in a termite professional, barrier treatment can be effective within a few days up to several months. The trap system works for a few weeks/months. 

What is the average cost of termite treatment for my home? 

Here again, many criteria will influence the cost of the treatment: the size of your home and the exterior, the size of the termite colony detected, and many other criteria.


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