Our Experience in Real Estate Expertise

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Experts in real estate valuation for over 20 years, we offer our services in the areas of housing and business real estate.
Our team now consists of a senior expert and a junior expert who combine their knowledge and cultures so that new products fit into a traditional context.

The sustainability of our firm is an essential element of our credibility in the real estate appraisal market.
Thus, we have worked on very diverse real estate: in housing, we have the opportunity to work on the valuation of apartments, in large real estate complexes, but also in very residential buildings.

Our Working Methods

First, an expertise contract is established with the client in order to define the nature, scope, execution conditions, and financial terms of the mission entrusted to the expert.

We then proceed to the visit of the goods concerned, interior and exterior visit. The interior visit must be complete. If it is not, the parts of the assets which could not be visited will be notified in the report.

In order to define the environment of the property, we visit the neighborhood, the area, the village… in which it is located. This makes it possible to determine the quality of the services, the proximity of shops, the number of visitors, any noise or visual nuisance…

Then a “survey” is necessary: ​​it is a question of collecting the information useful for the market study.

We get information from market players such as real estate agents and notaries, in order to have recent references of sales made, on comparable properties. The business press, the press specializing in real estate, and the internal networks of which we are a part, regularly inform us of market trends, whether nationalregionaldepartmental, by city and even by the district. To carry out the legal and administrative study of the property, we inquire with the town planning and tax departments of the city in which the property is located.

Depending on the documents provided or not by the client, we also check with the condominium trustees or the notary holding the property deed … Once all the necessary information has been collected, we proceed to draft the report. If possible, we always deliver the report in person. In order to comment on it and provide the client with all the explanations necessary for his full understanding.

The expert report consists of studying legal and administrative, the physical study, and the economic study of the well.
The legal study makes it possible to verify the elements contained in the title of ownership. The co-ownership regulations, the current lease or leases, town planning, and to address all the constraints or easements listed.

The physical study is done during the visit of the goods, it studies the condition and the quality of the shell, the services, the equipment, as well as the immediate environment, neighborhood, exteriors, adjoining, etc.

The economic study consists of carrying out a study of the real estate market concerned, then locating the properties studied on this market, with the necessary reference elements.

The conclusion of these three chapters and the synthesis of these studies alone makes it possible to give the requested value.

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