Tips when you’re looking for a Commercial Fridge

Walk-in coolers are a top necessary investment if you are dealing with perishable products. Typically, if you need a storage unit in your business, you should consider purchasing a walk-in cooler. So when you approach a dealer, here are the questions you ought to ask them before you purchase the walk-in cold storage unit.


1.  How long have you served in the industry?


A good cold storage dealer should have been in the industry for a long time. Typically, they must have enough experience in the field. This way, they will understand what the right walk-in cooler for you is, and how you should choose the walk-in cooler that suits your business. Preferably, they must have been in the industry for at least five years. If you find one that has been doing the business for over ten years, they should be the perfect dealers to choose from.


2.  What walk-in coolers do you offer?


Since different businesses need walk-in coolers, you should ask the dealer the variety of coolers that they offer. Ideally, they should have many options to let you choose the cooler that will suit you perfectly. A good walk-in cooler dealer should have different varieties that are designed for floral shops, restaurants, food chains, pubs/bars, as well as cold storage warehouses



3.  Are they customizable?


A good walk-in cooler should be customizable enough to let you set it as you desire. If you want an insulated interior, the dealer should be able to customize it for you. Whatever the features you want, always ensure that the dealer is willing to listen to your requests and deliver them accordingly.


4.  Are your walk-in coolers affordable?


Apparently, walk-in coolers tend to be costly due to their sizes and delivery. Nonetheless, some reputable dealers offer their walk-in coolers with financial assistance. This way, you can either lease the unit or purchase it through a loan-type of an agreement. Such dealers like American Walk-In Coolers,, are known to offer their walk-in coolers with financial assistance. This means that you can get the cooler even if you don’t have money to purchase the entire unit in cash.


5.  Do you offer installation and maintenance services?


Another thing you should ask the walk-in cooler dealer is if they offer the installation and maintenance services after they sell the unit to you. You should not be worried about finding a technician to install the unit when you purchase it. Rather, the dealer should be a one-stop-shop that sells the unit to you and also installs it. They should also be available whenever you need maintenance services.


American Walk-In Coolers are among the leading Commercial Refrigerator dealers in the nation, and they are known to have responsive customer support.

Plagues of Real Estate- Termites!


Real plagues for farmers and homeowners are most definitely termites!! Termites are xylophagous pests that must absolutely be got rid of. If treatments exist in the trade, it is nevertheless preferable to call in professionals, in order to obtain effective solutions and to exterminate them definitively. Specific legislation also specifically concerns termites with regard to new real estate.

That being said, here are the commonly asked questions about termite’s treatment.

How often do I have to do termite treatment?

The answer depends on the type of treatment you have put in place: either you have called in a professional and they will give you guarantees, or you have treated yourself and many factors will determine the effectiveness of the anti-treatment.

Can termites come back after treatment?

Yes, it is extremely difficult to get rid of termites. Fortunately, a qualified extermination company specializing in termite treatment like Turbo Termite- Termite Fumigation Service provides follow-ups to ensure that the treatment is working properly and that the termites do not come back. 

How long does it take for the treatment to work?

Here too it depends! If you have called in a termite professional, barrier treatment can be effective within a few days up to several months. The trap system works for a few weeks/months. 

What is the average cost of termite treatment for my home? 

Here again, many criteria will influence the cost of the treatment: the size of your home and the exterior, the size of the termite colony detected, and many other criteria.


Estimate an Apartment: How to Know the Value of Your Property?

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We are used to believing that valuing an apartment is much the same as a house. However, there are notable differences and certain reflexes must be adopted in order to succeed in your real estate valuation.

Estimate an Apartment: First Recommendation

Valuing an apartment is not necessarily an exact science, as two similar units can be negotiated at different prices, even if they are located in the same neighborhood. The general condition of the building, its location, proximity to shops, and transport also come into play.

One thing is certain: if the apartment is overpriced, it is impossible to sell. The valuation of the apartment is therefore essential and for this, it is recommended to rely only on facts.

More than a simple real estate project, the sale or the search for an apartment becomes a real personal project. It is up to you to correctly identify the evaluation criteria for the property in question.

Valuation of an Apartment: 4 Tips for Success

Forget the purchase price

As a general rule, you change your main residence every 7 years in France. If you want to buy an apartment today, there is a good chance that it was purchased at the highest price.

This is why it is necessary to regularly re-estimate the apartment and not to base it on the purchase price. Other criteria also enter into the composition of the sale or purchase price. You have to think as much about the exterior aspect (pollution, noise pollution, sunshine) as the interior aspect (orientation of the main rooms, number of bedrooms, etc.)

Forget the emotional side

Buying real estate is often a crush. We begin to project ourselves, to imagine what life we ​​can have in it. This is when an offer to purchase is made. Even if you have a crush on an apartment, do not forget to take into account certain evaluation criteria such as the presence of noise outdoors and indoors, the existence of urban pollution, etc.

Avoid getting emotional when estimating the apartment, as this criterion is of no interest to future buyers. Rely on facts and figures that can be verified and viewed.

Know the market price

It sounds obvious, but getting a real idea of the real estate prices in your area is essential. Look at the surrounding apartments which have the same layout, with the same number of bedrooms and the same floor space.

Also, learn how long other apartments near yours have been on sale. This will help you refine your apartment appraisal. The more returns you have on the property you covet or sell, the more likely you are to find the right price.

Do not hesitate to call on a professional, whether it is real estate agents, real estate experts or even to use comparators on the Internet. Use all the tools the Internet has to its credit to target and refine your search.

A saving of time and energy greatly facilitates the estimation of an apartment.

Estimate the work

To know a real estimate of an apartment, it is important to know the amount of work to be done or already done.

Do not hesitate to ask for the renovation invoices to get a more concrete idea of ​​the possible dilapidation of the property.

Remember also that there is room for negotiation and commission if you go through a real estate agency. Taking these margins into account also allows you to refine your assessment of the apartment.

The Internet can also participate in the estimation of an apartment, but it is still necessary to know how to use the various tools which are proposed.


Estimate a House: How to Assess Your Property  

Valuing a house is not trivial, because each property has its own value. Each house is different from another.

It is by taking into account certain criteria that you will be able to begin to get a real idea of ​​the real estate valuation of your property. Another look can also add more detail to your assessment.

The Main Criteria for Evaluating a House

Estimate the location of your home

If there is one essential criterion for evaluating your home, it is its location.

Indeed, it takes into account the image of your municipality, because the more it turns out to be residential, the more the price per square meter rises. It is the same for each district.

Thus, in the same city, house prices sometimes vary from single to double depending on the sector.

If your house is located near a green space, near a school, shops or local services, if it is well served by public transport, all this affects the price of the estimate of the house.

The use of big data and smart data makes it possible, for example, to determine the level of sunshine in your home or the presence or absence of noise pollution.

Estimate the area of ​​your house

Two types of surfaces can influence the estimate of your home. We are talking about living space and floor space.

It is, in particular, the living area that must be taken into consideration and not the so-called useful area.

With big data, you can now know precisely what possibilities are feasible in your home, down to the square meter.

The face to face

In the context of a house, the absence or presence of vis-à-vis turns out to be a major element in the estimation of the price of a house. This is all the truer if your house is in a subdivision.

Conversely, if the house is located on a plot of 800 m² which conceals the property from any neighborhood, the price will be significantly different.

In dense areas, a right of way easement may be required from the outset, which sometimes results in a discount of up to 10% of the sale price of the house.

Evaluate the state of construction of your house

Since the Energy Performance Diagnosis (DPE) became mandatory, house sales are impacted in sectors where demand is not abundant. Energy-intensive real estate is penalized more in favor of more energy-efficient homes.

This is a trend that is growing more and more, as future buyers are looking for homes that consume less.

This “energy-consuming” notion of your house undeniably affects the estimate of the house.

Estimate the quality of the shell

The upkeep can have a definite impact on the estimate of a house.

Although this is not necessarily a criterion of primary importance, it can make a difference in different real estate markets which charge low prices.

Real estate that is in good condition is usually favored by buyers who do not have sufficient funds to undertake work.

Estimate a House: 4 tips

  • Make the first opinion by regularly consulting specialized journals. Notaries also have a list of real estate with supporting figures by city and by the district.
  • Meet professionals: meet a notary, real estate agencies by speaking directly with a manager. Be careful, however, because the latter may overvalue your house to obtain the mandate.
  • Contact a real estate expert approved by the courts: this professional usually intervenes in the event of divorce, donation, or joint possession.
  • Obtaining information on the Internet: The Web is full of sites that allow you to make estimates more or less free. It is imperative to compare each proposal to get an accurate idea of ​​your home’s estimate.



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