Tips when you’re looking for a Commercial Fridge

Walk-in coolers are a top necessary investment if you are dealing with perishable products. Typically, if you need a storage unit in your business, you should consider purchasing a walk-in cooler. So when you approach a dealer, here are the questions you ought to ask them before you purchase the walk-in cold storage unit.


1.  How long have you served in the industry?


A good cold storage dealer should have been in the industry for a long time. Typically, they must have enough experience in the field. This way, they will understand what the right walk-in cooler for you is, and how you should choose the walk-in cooler that suits your business. Preferably, they must have been in the industry for at least five years. If you find one that has been doing the business for over ten years, they should be the perfect dealers to choose from.


2.  What walk-in coolers do you offer?


Since different businesses need walk-in coolers, you should ask the dealer the variety of coolers that they offer. Ideally, they should have many options to let you choose the cooler that will suit you perfectly. A good walk-in cooler dealer should have different varieties that are designed for floral shops, restaurants, food chains, pubs/bars, as well as cold storage warehouses



3.  Are they customizable?


A good walk-in cooler should be customizable enough to let you set it as you desire. If you want an insulated interior, the dealer should be able to customize it for you. Whatever the features you want, always ensure that the dealer is willing to listen to your requests and deliver them accordingly.


4.  Are your walk-in coolers affordable?


Apparently, walk-in coolers tend to be costly due to their sizes and delivery. Nonetheless, some reputable dealers offer their walk-in coolers with financial assistance. This way, you can either lease the unit or purchase it through a loan-type of an agreement. Such dealers like American Walk-In Coolers,, are known to offer their walk-in coolers with financial assistance. This means that you can get the cooler even if you don’t have money to purchase the entire unit in cash.


5.  Do you offer installation and maintenance services?


Another thing you should ask the walk-in cooler dealer is if they offer the installation and maintenance services after they sell the unit to you. You should not be worried about finding a technician to install the unit when you purchase it. Rather, the dealer should be a one-stop-shop that sells the unit to you and also installs it. They should also be available whenever you need maintenance services.


American Walk-In Coolers are among the leading Commercial Refrigerator dealers in the nation, and they are known to have responsive customer support.

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